Are you interested in performing original biological research at CSN?

Former BIOL 196 Students


Some former students of mine from BIOl 196 presenting some of their research at a science conference at UNLV on Saturday



Get Some Rest

Just a heads-up to the students in my lab:

When the grades for your paper are uploaded (~ 10 days), you will need to come pick your paper up in my office. You cannot turn in the final copy for credit without the first submission.


Lab Papers

All the students in my lab(s) have their review papers due next week. I'm not going to add any additional iClicker assignments.

Work hard on your papers.

student paper


Research in Evolution at UNLV This Summer

There is a program available for you to apply for to study evolutionary research with UNLV faculty this summer. If chosen it provides a salary of $5,750, but also could open a lot of doors for you and your future.

Definitely something to think about if you are interested in research.

unlv reu


Exam 2 Next Week

We'll have our second midterm exam next week covering chapters 5,6 and 8. Study well.

The lecture grades have been updated to include the latest iClicker and homework scores. You'll notice that now that we have two sets of iClicker scores, your lowest score is discarded from the grade.

Also, there was a mistake on the last question of the Tuesday section exam 1. You'll notice that your grade has been increased by 2 (this includes the Mon/Wed section also).



Labs Resume Next Week

There was only one day of lecture notes for this past week. We didn't quite finish chapter six on cells, but you will need to finish the homework on chapter six by Sunday anyway. The casualties of a short week...

We also didn't get the web iClicker (in post below this one), but we will next week.

Biomedical Workshop at CSN This Summer

The application for the INBRE Biomedical Workshop at CSN for summer 2018 is now open. If you are interested you will need your unofficial transcripts (instructions here) and a faculty recommendation.

Everyone in this class will require letters of recommendation a lot over the coming years. Its important to pick the right person(s) for this. You want someone that can say the most (good) about you.



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